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1950s UFO abduction revealed

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — A  UFO researcher told author Dave Toplikar he had had cleared up a personal mystery concerning a green orb that was spotted in the summer of 1952 over Kansas City.
“I think it was the same one that abducted me,” the researcher revealed at the Aug. 12 Kansas City MUFON chapter’s monthly meeting. (Read more )

Missouri’s ‘unknown’ Project Blue Book UFO cases examined

Should we be taking UFOs seriously?

Earlier this year, major news operations were reporting on the Pentagon spending millions of dollars on secret UFO investigations.

In light of that revelation, author Dave Toplikar has released another book that digs into the once-secret Air Force Project Blue Book files — UFO Cold Cases: Missouri, Secret USAF Files, 1952-1968, Declassified.

Like his first book on Kansas UFOs, the author continues to shine a spotlight on many of the 701 incredible sightings made by credible people that were never solved. Filed away as “unknowns,” these cold cases from Project Blue Book are fascinating tales — and might be worthy of new official scrutiny.

The book features multiple sightings made by military officers, a rancher, truck drivers, radar operators and others. They involve multiple sightings in Kansas City and St. Louis, and also Kirksville, Normandy, Butler, Marshfield, Lake City and Gower.

If you’re a fan of UFO sightings, the CIA’s Cold War era subterfuge, or just weird Missouri history, this book is for you. Get your copy today on

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Author speaks in Dodge City about weird Kansas history

Spooky tales of visitors from Venus. Strange lights in the sky. Large shiny disks darting around planes. Even a sighting of a UFO pilot zooming off into the sky.

Those were some of the stories author Dave Toplikar talked about in a presentation Oct. 11 for the Dodge City Public Library’s “Weird History Month.”

Toplikar spoke on UFO sightings from his book on Kansas UFO sightings from Project Blue Book. See the Facebook Live video from the event.

Author featured on “Exploring the Bizarre” radio podcast

Hosted by Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz, the national podcast features Cheryl Costa and Dave Toplikar talking about their new books.

Click this link to hear the archived show (offsite link, MP3 file)
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