Roswell, UFOs, aliens and credibility

Roswell witness Jesse Marcel talks of 1947 incident

It might be the scared look in their eyes. It might be their unwavering story. It might be their own uneasiness of what you’ll think of them.
But the credibility of many of the witnesses are the reason I continue to keep looking for answers as I research UFO Project Blue Book sightings in the Midwest.
As a skeptical journalist, I have have to carefully weigh everything I read about UFOs, abductions, aliens and government coverups. So I’ve concentrated my reporting on cases that were actually investigated by the Air Force, usually under a national security veil of secrecy.

“Does Dave really believe this stuff?” my wife told me she was asked by one of her friends.

My answer: When I first started research for my book, UFO Cold Cases: Kansas I was expecting to be a debunker.

But then I would read the sworn statements of witnesses. Many seemed to have nothing to gain. They were worried about public ridicule. They included a man who saw a strange craft in 1952 hovering north of Pittsburg, Kansas. And two men who chased a UFO in 1950 after getting off work at their jobs in the old Bendix plant in Kansas City.

I would want to know more — but there was no follow-up on the most promising cases. Such cases were just marked “unknown. There were 701 of them in the Blue Book files. And those have made me uneasy and suspicious. I can’t be satisfied that our government hasn’t been holding back information, despite assurances there was nothing more to investigate.

I’ve also personally talked to people who have privately told me their own weird, crazy encounters — UFOs they never reported, but knew to be the real thing. Those are the people who keep me going.

And I occasionally run across a video of an interview of someone who has come forward after dutifully keeping quiet under military orders for decades. Above, I’ve posted an old video of an interview on YouTube with Jesse Marcel, who many people say was the fall guy in the alleged government coverup of the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico, crash.

Was Marcel telling the truth in the video? It’s his story that reopened the Roswell case in the late 1970s and spurred modern-day research into that classic case. Many of the Roswell researchers were to be on hand this weekend at that city’s annual UFO Festival.

The credibility of his story just raises more questions. And it’s that reason I keep searching for the truth.

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