1950s UFO abduction revealed

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — I had somewhat of a mind-blowing experience at my recent presentation before the Kansas City MUFON chapter — a  UFO researcher said I had cleared up a major mystery in his own life concerning a green orb that was spotted in the summer of 1952.
“I think it was the same one that abducted me,” the researcher told an astonished gathering of about 40 people on Aug. 12 at the MUFON chapter’s monthly meeting.
The man’s emotional revelation came toward the end of the meeting, which was held at Kansas City’s Ararat Shrine Temple.

During my hour-long presentation I had been detailing unsolved Missouri UFO cases from the 1950s and 1960s. They were cases that I had researched from once-classified files out of Project Blue Book, the Air Force’s UFO program that ran until 1969. The UFO cases I described were those I had researched and written about in my latest book, UFO Cold Cases: Missouri (available on Amazon.com ).
The MUFON-trained investigator had been sitting in the back at my talk. Earlier in the meeting, he had introduced himself to me, explaining he was an investigator. He had purchased a couple of my books and had asked me to sign them.
During a question-and-answer session, he had asked several questions about a sighting on July 26, 1952, or 67 summers ago.

The case involved a military officer and his wife who were outside their home a little after midnight and saw a greenish orb. They tracked it for a while and watched it descend slowly across the sky. The same object was also seen and reported by airport tower operators at Kansas City’s Fairfax Field. I had been puzzled that despite four credible witnesses, there seemed to have been no more follow-up by the military’s UFO investigators.

And I had speculated it might have been handed off to another agency, the 4602d Air Intelligence Service Squadron, whose findings were not part of the public Project Blue Book case files now stored in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The 4602d  was assigned to go in with a three-man team to investigate credible reports and gather evidence.

From the back of the room, the investigator at my talk asked questions about the specific location of the green UFO sightings, such as the exact neighborhood and how close it was to a river.  He said he had a reason why he wanted to know. He then kept reading through my book as I took other questions.
When I was finished, Margie Kay, assistant state director of Missouri MUFON, invited investigators to come up to the microphone to explain their latest cases. 
When it was his turn, the investigator whispered to me as he walked by my table that he was grateful for the information I had brought him.  

Taking the microphone, he got right to it — tears welled up in his eyes as he told the gathering I may have cleared up a big mystery in his life concerning the green UFO. His voice got emotional as told the group the green UFO may have been the same one that had abducted him as a young boy. 
I don’t think anyone in the room was expecting that. The room went silent. Everyone seemed temporarily stunned. 
The investigator then looked around the room and asked if anyone had questions. About 10 hands went up. He was asked what he remembered about it.

Because he was a young boy, he only remembered a few things, including that the UFO’s inhabitant had a dog-like face and communicated telepathically. 
He also remembered being taken to a place that had two suns. He remembered playing with other children during the trip. He said the aliens had returned and he had been on several trips. The man also said he had taught school for 41 years. 
The man said that as boy he was always very good in the subjects of space and science. One of his grade school teachers had asked his class to draw the solar system. Most students drew rings around Saturn. But he drew rings around the outer planets.
“I knew there were rings because I had seen them,” he said. But astronomers didn’t learn about those rings until many years later, he said.

He also said he had made several other such trips as a boy. He spoke for about five more minutes. A woman had asked him if he had tried hypnotic regression. He hadn’t. Then she was asked by another person there if she had been abducted and used hypnosis to try to remember her own experience. She admitted she had tried it, but no one told her what she had said under hypnosis. 

After the questions ended, Kay told the gathering that MUFON has formed a separate group for abductees where they could speak to each other confidentially. The membership in the group is kept confidential. You can learn more on their website at missourimufon.org
All in all, it was an interesting meeting — and I was glad I had brought the man more information he could use to deal with his own abduction memories.

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