Dodge City, weird Kansas history and UFOs

Dodge City is usually known for its tales of the Old West, Boot Hill, real characters like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, and fictional TV characters like Matt Dillon and Festus Hagen.
But in October, the historical western Kansas city is a place you can go to learn all about weird stuff from Kansas’ past, including ghost stories and even UFOs — it’s Weird History Month at the Dodge City Public Library.
At the recommendation of Kansas MUFON, the library invited me to speak on Oct. 11 about some of the weird UFO tales I’ve encountered while writing UFO Cold Cases: Kansas, which was my first book on the 701 “unknown” UFO cases contained in the Air Force’s now-unclassified Project Blue Book files. (See my latest book on Missouri sightings.)
I talked about spooky tales of visitors from Venus chronicled in a Kansas City newspaper. Large shiny disks and strange lights darting around military planes and jets near Clay Center, Kansas City, and Olathe. Even a sighting of a UFO pilot just before his saucer-shaped craft darted off into the sky over Pittsburg.
I think the gathering enjoyed the stories out of Project Blue Book. Some even spoke of their own sightings during the open session.
My thanks go out to all those who attended and to the library’s Michael Biltz for setting it up and promoting it.
See the Facebook Live video from the event.

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