Speaking at Kansas MUFON

Stories about UFO sightings in the 1960s. Tales of more recent cattle mutilations around central Kansas. And discussions about Kansas sightings related to classic UFO cases in Roswell and Aztec, New Mexico.

Those were just a few of the topics that I discussed from the podium and also privately on Sunday, March 20, at the monthly meeting of the Kansas chapter of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

I gave an hour-long presentation at the meeting about topics covered in my book, UFO Cold Cases: Kansas, Secret USAF files, 1947-1961, Declassified. About 30 people, most from eastern Kansas, gathered for the meeting at Wayne and Larry’s in the Hillcrest Shopping Center in Lawrence.

I was invited to speak by Larry Jordan, assistant state director of the Kansas MUFON chapter. Jordan said one of the group’s members, Geff Moyer, had alerted him about my book, which was published in mid February.

During my talk, I gave some background about the Air Force’s early secret investigations into flying saucers after World War II, which eventually became more formal programs, culminating in Project Blue Book. I told them my interest in the subject was spurred when I learned that there were more than 700 UFO cases that were unsolved, including many in Kansas.

I gave some details about the 10 cold cases I analyzed in Kansas City, Wichita, Clay Center, Goodland, Plainville, Howard, Pittsburg and Norcatur.

Stan Seba, MUFON state director,  thanked me looking into so many of the Kansas cases and for providing an additional source of information on the subject.

After the meeting, I enjoyed talking one-on-one with some of the organization members. Several of them have had their own personal UFO sightings. Some of the members talked about ongoing investigations of recent UFOs seen in the state. And one member talked about an unsolved cattle mutilation near McPherson thought to be UFO-related.

The group will meet next on April 17.


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