Were dead Roswell aliens shipped through Kansas?

Just about everyone interested in the study of UFO history knows about the classic Roswell crash in 1947.
But did you ever hear that at least one of the crash victims — a small humanoid with a lightbulb-shaped head — was shipped in a crate by the military through Kansas?
That’s just one of the incredible claims of the late Philip J. Corso, a retired Army colonel, who rocked the ufology world in 1997 with his book, The Day After Roswell.
Corso, a former Pentagon official, claims to have come across the files and artifacts from the Roswell crash, an alleged New Mexico flying saucer accident that happened during the first week of July 1947. As the Roswell story goes, the military came in, swept up all the crash debris and the alien bodies, and swore all those involved to secrecy.
Although the Army first admitted to capturing a flying saucer, they told the news media the next day it was a weather balloon crash.
In his book, Corso tells how he helped to get alien technology into the American mainstream by secretly feeding some of the technology from the crash into corporate America, which he says led to such breakthroughs as the integrated circuit, lasers and even radar-invisible stealth technology.
And Corso tells an interesting tale of how he personally saw an alien victim on July 6, 1947, while stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas, near Junction City.
I ran across a lengthy video interview (below) with Corso, from a few years ago where he retells the story.
While Corso was stationed at the fort, a convoy of Army trucks came in to bring up a shipment of crates from New Mexico on their way to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. As a post duty officer, Corso was in charge of the activities that night, and went out to inspect the five crates that came in.
He opened one of them and found a body floating in fluid.
“It was a four-foot human-shaped figure with arms, bizarre-looking four-fingered hands — I didn’t see a thumb — thin legs and feet, and an oversized incandescent lightbulb-shaped head that looked like it was floating over a balloon gondola for a chin,” Corso wrote in his book.
The date of the event got my attention — July 6, 1947.
It was the same day that Army Air Corps Major Archie B. Browning, reported he saw a UFO as he flew over Clay Center, Kansas — only 30 miles northwest of Fort Riley.
I wrote about Browning’s encounter in Chapter 1 of my book, UFO Cold Cases: Kansas.
Meanwhile, Corso’s claims of seeing that crate on July 6 — he has no documentation to back up his claim — might have more credence if you consider Browning’s UFO sighting was on the same date.
Was Browning’s sighting related to the convoy being nearby? Could Browning’s UFO have been searching for the Roswell UFO bodies and crash debris? Or was it all just a strange coincidence?
The more I look into this topic, the more questions I have.

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