Obama, UFOs and the truth

I laughed, choking on my coffee when I saw it — a tweet linking to an online article that said Obama was going to give us the truth about UFOs by the end of the year.
OK, if he does that will be wonderful.

We’ll finally get someone official to confirm what all of the UFO researchers for years have been telling us:
• That our deeply compartmentalized military and spy agencies have been hiding the truth from us under the guise of national security since 1947 or even earlier.
• That we have been visited by extraterrestrials or by beings from another time or dimension.
• That their captured technology could provide us with free energy — and even flying cars.

Or there’s the flip side. Obama might tell us there’s nothing to it, that all the UFOs were actually secret government projects, natural phenomena, balloons, birds, hoaxes, hallucinations or swamp gas.
We’ve been down this route before.
President Bill Clinton was going to give us the truth back in the 1990s. He said he couldn’t find anything. And earlier this year, Hillary Clinton made a campaign pledge to open up our UFO X-files and tell us what’s really going on at Area 51 — unless it might hurt national security.
That’s the key — national security. The need to know.

That’s why I choked on my coffee laughing.
Think about it: Would Obama really come clean?
Would he really confess that he’s been part of a government conspiracy during his eight years in office that has been hiding the truth about the real nature of UFOs?

While doing follow-up research to my book, UFO Cold Cases: Kansas, I’ve found that the whole notion of national security and swearing military and government workers to secrecy oaths has made us skeptical of almost anything that comes out of a government official’s mouth.
UFO conspiracy is something of a cottage industry.
It’s hard to flip through the TV channels without finding the latest cable TV documentary on secret UFO files. Those who put together the documentaries never give it to you straight — they always put in dramatic music, dramatized scenes and special effects. Yes, it makes it more interesting. But it also hurts their credibility and authenticity.

In my book, I went back to the early days of the our government’s first investigations into UFOs. I wanted the real thing. I re-examined 10 documented real-life Kansas UFO X-files, including some tied to more famous cases, such as the early July 1947 Roswell incident.
As I pored through the old Air Force Project Blue Book documents, I found that credible, serious people, including military pilots, were seeing unbelievable things in the Kansas skies.

The takeaway? In what would seem to be the most interesting, promising cases, the documents indicated the Air Force just marked them “unknown” and apparently moved on.
But did they shove them in a drawer? Or did they hand them off to another agency — or even a private outside contractor — to carry on the investigations? That’s the big mystery.

If that’s what Obama is finally going to tell us, then I’m all ears.
Meanwhile, I’m going to finish my coffee and get back to the hard work of going through more real-life government X-files for my next writing project.

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