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Welcome to Dave Toplikar Books, your online source for information about my latest publications, talks and book signing events.

I’m a longtime journalist, editor and multimedia reporter and I  live in Lawrence, Kansas, where I work at the University of Kansas as an editor and on various writing and multimedia projects.

My current non-fiction book, available at, is UFO Cold Cases: Kansas, USAF Files, 1947-1961, Declassified.

I’ve envisioned that book as the beginning of a series on the unsolved cold cases from the Air Force’s Project Blue Book investigations.

I’m also working on a science fiction novel set in Las Vegas, Nevada, drawing from some of my experiences in that city as a reporter and editor. That book is currently in the editing and proofing process and is expected to be out later this year. I hope to be posting progress reports on this site about the book.


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